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Product Launch - Pop-up Escape Room

As part of my Masters course in Event Management I worked with a group of 4 other students to create an event for the company CatoBot to launch their new chatbot, helping international students learn English and explore Bournemouth.

As Team Leader, I kept the group on track throughout the project and delegated roles based on the individuals strength to make sure our event was a success.We worked together for 3 months to create our concept and manage the individual aspects of the event.

I came up with the idea of an escape room as the main focus of the event, escape rooms are popular and opening up all over the country so to create a pop-up on campus would draw people to our event. The team liaised with Catobot to create an escape room that incorporated the aspects of the chatbot into the escape room.The escape room featured language tasks and tasks related to Bournemouth.

Our event day was a huge success with all escape room sessions selling out. The event itself ran for 2 hours and incorporated the escape room along with demonstrations from Catobot and information from Whats On Bournemouth for attendees to find other events to attend over the summer.

Everyone that took part really enjoyed the experience with students and lecturers coming along to try and escape in the 10 minute time limit.

Setting up the Decorations prior to the event

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