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What I learnt from my first Project as Team Leader.

"Leadership is an action, not a position"

As part of my Event Management course at Bournemouth University we execute a live event based on a real brief from an external partner.

This was by far my favourite part of my Masters experience as it was my first taste into the career I've been working towards as an Event Manager.Taking part in weekly team meetings, sharing ideas & bringing together everything we worked towards was the best feeling.

I was especially proud of being positioned as the team leader and leading the team to create such a successful event. It helped me practise leadership skills and test myself to see if I have what it takes to be a leader in the workplace.

It was important to me to make sure everyones views were heard and their thoughts and opinions taken into account when assigning roles, organising tasks and planning any detail. Delegating individual leadership roles to each team member made sure everyone felt important as they could take the lead on the tasks associated to their roles.

The most important things I learnt about leading a team:

1. Listen to your team members.

2. Make sure each individual feels valued & have equal workloads.

3. Explain your thought process behind decisions, so everyone understands.

4. Praise EVERYONE.

5. People have strengths even they don't know about, use them.


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