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CHME Conference - Networking Lunch Escape Room

After the success of our Escape Room product launch, the organisers of the CHME conference held at Bournemouth University asked our event team to create an escape game delegates could play during networking sessions.

As CHME is a hospitality and tourism organisation we created an exciting & fun escape room, where they needed to find their lost passport while on a trip to bournemouth. Codes and clues were hidden around the 'room' for the participants to find. A map of Bournemouth was broken up and needed to be put back together for them to use to find the missing passport. All participants did really well and all managed to escape with the winners receiving a £50 Amazon voucher.

It was a great experience putting on a second event with a new specification and showing professionals and researchers our work, as well as getting them involved and having a fantastic networking opportunity. Not everything went to plan with furniture not being provided when it was booked and having to change the set up of the escape room last minute due to our 'walls' not being available in time. In the end everything was a success and we managed to think on our feet to resolve all the issues in time for the event to start.

I have loved creating and hosting these escape rooms & am looking forward to continuing my masters course with more opportunities like this!

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