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Brighton Venue Spaces

Recently I went on a trip to Brighton with members of my Masters course to check out event spaces & incentive travel options Brighton has to offer.We visited different venue spaces around Brighton as well as exploring the independent shops, the Laines and tourist attractions. There is so much to see and do in Brighton it really is a one of a kind destination.

Amex Stadium Tour

We had a tour of the new American Express Football stadium built 7 years ago for Brighton and Hove Albion FC. 7 years is young in terms of stadiums in the UK and it is clear this venue thought about maintaining a modern image in its facilities when it was designed. Not only is the outside aesthetic different from traditional football stadiums and blends seamlessly into its surroundings (a stipulation of the planning permission), the interior also incorporates aspects of Brightons seaside location.With multiple event spaces available for hire of all different sizes it would be a flexible and adaptable venue for conferences and private functions.


The i360 is a new iconic tourist attraction for Brighton, in a similar way to the London Eye. However it is so much more than that, during our trip we had a meeting with the event manager on site and he demonstrated the many different ways this venue can be used for all kinds of events. They have multifunctional rooms underneath the tower as well as the pod on the tower itself and an outside courtyard right next to the beach!

Brighton Royal Pavilion

Maybe one of the original entertaining venues in Brighton for Prince George IV . The Royal Pavilion is one an one of a kind venue space, used for hosting gala dinners, conferences, weddings and anything else you an think of. There are multiple rooms of various capacities with the Banqueting Room, Grand Kitchen & Music Room showing some of the grandest decor, you will think you are part of the Royal Family.

Hove County Cricket ground

Hove cricket ground really make the most out of the space they have, they have permanent marquees on site to add to the main pavilion and increase capacity for events. This also allows them to host multiple events at the same time. During our tour of the facilities they were getting ready for the England vs Australia cricket match, turning the semi- permanent and temporary marquees bought onto site into VIP dinner venues for the day.

Instagram: Diallinginkiosk (coffee shop in a phone box!!!)

the Iconic Brighton Pier


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