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My top tips for being successful in an Event Management Masters

I'm coming to the end of my 1 year Event Management Masters and have enjoyed every single part of it and managed to keep my grades consistently high. It's the best thing I decided to do at this point in my life and I am excited about my prospects and career opportunities to come.

As the course is coming to an end I've looked back on my top tips for being successful during a Masters are:

1. Get involved in extra curricular activities. Join a sport or society team even during a masters its a great way to meet more people and gives you loads of opportunities to put on your CV.

2. Get to know everyone on your course, yes this can be harder if you are on a large course but most masters courses are a small cohorts & when it comes to group work it makes your life a lot easier having built a relationship with the people beforehand.

3. Read event blogs, I wasn't even aware event blogs existed before I started my course but now they are part of my daily social media intake and helps to stay relevant in assignments and class discussions.

4. If the opportunity comes up to attend guest lectures or workshops from industry professionals, attend them!

5. Most Universities have a volunteering network or work experience databases, get on them and find event related experience. You'll be surprised how much fun some of them can be.

6. Plan your time, I'm a diary obsessive so this is easy for me I like to have every thing I'm doing that day written out. But if you know what you need to do each day of the week, when your deadlines are, and what sections to work on you can make sure you have everything you need in an assignment to hit the top grade.

7. Put yourself forward for leadership positions in your group work. It helps you stand out from the crowd and can improve your confidence.

8. Have one on one meetings with your professors, it helps with assignments but also helps you feel more confident in class to speak up as you have spoke to them before and they will be your references when you leave uni and need a job!

9. Join an Event membership network, like MPI or ILEA. Not only do they have member exclusive events you can attend to network and gain job contacts but they also advertise jobs that are not publicly advertised.

10. Enjoy it!!! If you enjoy the course you will put more effort into it so you will get more out. Throw yourself into the event industry and learn about all different aspects of it, not just the parts you are taught in lectures.

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