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Attending Rise x Live - you are the product of the people you spend your time with.

If you follow me on social media you will have seen this weekend I attended the Hollis co Rise x Live conference. If you have never heard of it, it is a personal development event ran by Rachel Hollis who is an event planner turned motivational speaker and author (check out girl, stop apologising & girl, wash your face)

One of the best parts of the whole experience was attending with a group of likeminded women, some I know from the industry and we have met in person or online and others i met for the first time. This bought back the feeling of attending a live event, when you are in it together with others and you can meet new people with the same interests as you. We had a whatsapp group set up to chat throughout the event sharing our highlights as they happened and zoom calls before to get to know each other and during the break to talk through what was going on in our heads after the speakers. With my event manager head on this is such an important thing to incorporate into virtual events, if you want your attendees to really engage with the content, they need to be able to discuss it with each other.

Stop shoulding all over yourself - all you can do is the best with what you have

The difference between perspective and mindset

Perspective - The way you see the world around you, its not based on reality but what has happened to you in your past. Everyones is different.

Mindset - There are two types of mindset, Fixed and Growth. Those with fixed mindset believe everything they will ever be is as they are now. Those with growth mindset believe they can continue to learn anything they put their mind too.

It is possible to change your mindset - you just need to have the belief you can do it.

Everything there is to learn you can learn for free off youtube or google.


A leader is someone that takes responsibility for others

A leader never has two good days in a row

There are not enough female examples of leadership, become one

Leadership is not about you it is about your team

If one person is changed by the work you are doing it is all worth it

You can’t be a leader if you don’t care about people.

How to Identify the leader in you

1. Think of the people you admire

2. Identify the leadership qualities you admire

3. What are the best qualities in yourself

Be a servant leader

Listen well

Create hope

Focus on what you do well and use that to lead - everyone leads differently, always play to your strengths.

Communicate the hard things

Set clear expectations

Ask questions and listen to the response

Be Strong

Have good habits

Be Consistent


Its about who you want to be

What is one routine or habit you want to be consistent at? Pick one thing at a time and work on that.

Be a Warrior

Warriors train every day - so they are strong enough to take on the battle

Warriors expect to get their butt kicked but they believe they are strong enough to take it

When they get beat up they use it as a way to know what to work on next.

Its not east to be consistent but it is worth it

You were born to do something great with your life

Some of the greatest things you will ever do no one will ever see

Always do one more, one more minute on the treadmill, set one more goal

We get out of life what we think we deserve

Surround yourself with the right people

Uncertainty is a pathway to more happiness, you must chose uncertainty 

Why are days still 24 hours? By having this much time in a day when technology makes us more efficient we are becoming lazy. We are more productive when things are scarce. Break your day into 3 and concentrate on different things in each ‘mini day’.

We need leaders with courage 

Courage is not the absence of fear its allowing fear to have the final say

Its ok to be scared, its ok to feel pain. You just have to decide what you let win.

Only through winter does summer have a more beautiful appearance.

We need people that have hope, a lot of people need to know the end result to have hope.

Right now no one knows how it will end up.

After Martin Luther Kings I have a dream speech, the dream didn’t suddenly come true. He worked on that dream every day until the day he dies.

Your dreams are worth investing in

The moments when you think it can’t get worse. Those are the moments that created the person you are today.

You have already survived your hardest day.

Change Challenges Confidence

Who you think you are is how you show up, What story are you telling yourself.

Question the credibility of the stories that don’t allow the story we tell ourselves to become true.

Start with understanding who you need to be

You are the people you spend the most time with, if you are the most ambitious person in your circle you need to find a new circle or you will not grow.

Consider your environment

Who you are around

What you consume - on social media and on TV

Let anyone that questions your beliefs go

Chose your values and assign yourself to people that believe the same

You do not have the skills for the life you say you want in 5 years from now, you have to work on this.

You can chose to be a Hero, Villain or Victim


Exists only to make the hero look good and the villain look bad

Not a good role to play in life

The victim doesn’t get any glory

If you live in victim energy your story doesn’t work out

Victims don’t want responsibility 

Victims are scared to fail


Have a back story of pain and want others to suffer the same as they have

If you play the villain in life you will go down hill

They don’t have friends they have minions


The story is about the hero

Acts with courage

Doesn’t know how it will work out but acts in faith 

Runs fast towards a glimmer of hope

They transform and always end up a better version of themselves 

They inspire the world

Nothing will ruin you life faster than victim energy - push for heroic energy

I can, I will, I must

Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision

Its your job as a leader to demonstrate courage 

You don’t become successful be reacting you must be proactive 

Understand patience

Make the rest of your life the best of your life

You may have the fight a battle more than once to win it

Each day we must chose to be courageous 

Courage is like a door that can only be opened by you on the inside

Courage is making a decision to take action, the more courageous acts you do the more it builds up inside of you.

Crisis is a detour you just have to find another route.

I hope this has inspired you in some way, I know i certainly was after attending the event. Let me know your favourite quote, you can follow me on instagram and twitter @rvk_events


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