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London Events: Michelle Obama at The O2

Hospitality at a London Event: The o2

Sunday 14th April I was lucky enough to be invited to The O2 to see Michelle Obama in a hospitality suite. I have never been to an arena box before and it did not disappoint. As a VIP you can skip the main queues and go straight through security and into your box. The suites are spacious with sofas, luxury seating for the show and a bar with touchpoint order service or for guests you can pre order drinks and food packages. The o2 is easy to get to on public transport with North Greenwich tube station positioned at its entrance. 

the inside of a VIP suite at The o2
Hospitality Suite at The o2

Now onto the good stuff, Michelle Obama is one of my idols she is such an inspirational and powerful women who seems so down to earth and not afraid to get involved in everything she is part of. I am currently reading her book Becoming and that is what this event was about. It was her book tour, how many people do you know can sell out a 15000 seater arena for a book tour? During her 1hr 20mins on stage she discussed her time in the White House, her relationship with Barak Obama and the kids and the changes she hopes to see in the world. It was uplifting and emotional at times and I wanted to share some of the key insights I had from her talk. 

For a start Michelle is a beautifully confident speaker, one day I hope I can be even a tiny bit of the speaker she is (its going on my goal board). I have picked out my favourite quotes or ideas she shared on the night.

  1. What matters is what you say about yourself and your willingness to work.

  2. If we don’t vote, somebody else will and that’s the direction the country will go in.

  3. Democracy never stops and we cannot afford to sit on the sidelines 

  4. There is always someone who thinks you are dreaming too big but put your head down, do the work, and show them.

  5. We should be sceptical about social media and do more work as individuals to get to know each other

  6. Don't read about your neighbours on social media, we need to have interactions with one another and not filtered through platforms they can hide behind 

  7. You need to be aware of your privilege and the issues that effect others this can help you become a better version of yourself

  8. No matter how you start out in life with a lot of hard work and a good education anything is possible. Even becoming president 

  9. We are at a point of extreme change, with social media we see more of the world than ever before, people are living longer because of technology, people are getting to 100 and seeing all this change. 

  10. If you don’t take control of your message your image and your voice, someone else will.

  11. Focus on what is right before you, shut out negativity and fear from other sources.

  12. Make sure your daughters are treated equal to your sons, and make them included as a relevant voice so they grow up believing they can always do what men do.

  13. A lot of young people think change only happens on a big stage, which comes from limited stories of what it mean to be a leader, the books we read about leaders are predominantly rich white men & so we think their power is what change is. Its not.

  14. We need more images out there of what it means to be human, there is no one religion, there is no one race, there is no one who has a monopoly on kindness, compassion and truth. 

  15. We have an obligation not to lose faith in the possibility of being better

  16. You have to think about whether the words you utter will help or hurt

  17. When they go low, we go high

  18. Michelle wants to be remembered for helping the next generation step up: 'its hard to figure out how to become a leader when you’ve never seen it. Thats what gives me hope the young leaders that come up not caring about money, having empathy but often they don’t have the tools or resources. Its the job of older leaders to help these kids step up so they can sit in our seats of power & be the next change.'

Final slide of Michelle Obama talk at The o2 London
Michelle Obama at The o2 London

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