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The Side Hustle Series: Juliet Tripp

This week we welcome Juliet Tripp to the side hustle series, Juliet is Senior Event Manager at Chemical Watch, a CN 30 under 30 2019 winner & co-founder of Best You Self Care.

Juliet Tripp

About Juliet

Juliet is a creative and driven Event Manager with almost 10 years' experience in the industry having worked on a huge variety of events for a diverse range of guests; from rock stars to royalty and her role as Senior Events Manager at Chemical Watch involves planning and running conferences, creating valued and memorable experiences from concept to completion for guests and clients at events across the world. She's passionate about empowering women and connecting people, and is a board member for the Female Hospitality Network, Chester Branch, launching later this year and also has an events industry blog at which includes a series on Inspirational Female #EventProfs. In 2018 she co-founded Best You Self Care; wellness events and a community for women in Shropshire and enjoys hosting and speaking at a wide range of events.

Tell me about your side hustle's?

Alongside my full-time role as a Senior Events Manager running international conferences, I cofounded Best You Self Care in November 2018, which is a community and events for women focused on wellness, fitness, and self love.  The motivation behind setting it up was because I'm so so passionate about inspiring and encouraging women to be their best selves and prioritise self care in today's busy world - so along with fellow co-founders Katie and Sarah noticed a gap in the market where we're based here in Shropshire and the rest is history!  I also have an events industry blog, and run workshops and speak at industry events which I guess fall in to the side-hustle space too! Why do you think side hustles have become so popular?

People want more than just the 9-5 these days.  They don't just want to survive in their career but thrive doing something they love.  Sometimes, it's not practical or affordable to leave a full time job to set up your own business or start out fresh, but a side hustle can, with dedication and determination allow you to do both.  We're seeing so many celebrities, well-known business figures and achievers succeeding in multi-faceted careers, so it's inspired a new way of looking at how we work. What advice would you give someone that was thinking of starting a side hustle?

That it's not for everyone and you DO have to work hard! Anyone with a successful side hustle is likely making sacrifices in favour of making their dream happen.  Could you wake up 1 hour earlier to work on your side hustle? Could you swap 2 hours of Netflix a week to work on your social media for your venture? You DO have time - you've just got to be clever with it and this is absolutely key! How do you stay motivated to keep working on it alongside a busy career?

I wouldn't have a side hustle if I didn't love it.  It goes beyond making money and is a passion project too, and the fact that empowering others, wellness and fitness are some of my favourite things really do mean it feels less like work.  It's also a nice change from what I do as a day job (though I LOVE my full time job too!) which mixes things up and means it isn't a monotonous task. Has your side hustle opened the doors to any opportunities you wouldn’t have had without it?

I think so.  It's helping me develop and helping me see new ways of developing my career and my own skills.  It also gives me confidence to reach for new opportunities I wouldn't necessarily have done previously. Has your side hustle helped you in your career?

Because my side hustle, Best You Self Care, is producing events too it helps me look at my other events through a different lens; I find myself focusing more and more on wellness within the conferences and meetings I produce and create new elements to every event to help my guests have an even better experience.  As Event Managers, we're used to spinning plates which is why I think so many of us are creating side hustles and additional projects too - but we also know our limits and capabilities which helps progress our careers at the same time. What do you love most about having a side hustle?

It's a project I've created because of my dedication and motivation - it's so exciting to have something I love to work on, alongside a job I also love!   I also work with two of my very best friends on Best You Self Care, too, which means planning meetings are also a great excuse for a catch up!


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