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The Side Hustle Series: Kate Bullard

In this weeks Side Hustle series we hear from Kate Bullard the other half of the amazing duo behind EventprofsLive & Event Manager at law firm Baker Mackenzie.

Kate Bullard

About Kate

I’ve worked in the events industry now for 9 years and I still have the same passion now as I did all those years ago - which I don’t think many people can say about their job! 

Tell me about your side hustle?

I set up Eventprofslive with Michelle 4 years ago and it has gone from strength to strength which is just amazing to see and be part of.  We created the network as we identified a gap in the industry for a networking event group purely for corporate event professionals - there are plenty of groups that offer networking but not just for this audience.

Why do you think side hustles have become so popular?

I think a side hustle provides you with the perfect opportunity to create and develop something that you are passionate about without having to take the leap (which is scary) of quitting your full-time job providing you with the best of both worlds of financial stability whilst working on something you are passionate about.  

What advice would you give someone that was thinking of starting a side hustle?

Don’t think twice, just do it!  You will always be learning so don’t worry about making mistakes or whether it is going to work out - if you are passionate about it you will make it work.

How do you stay motivated to keep working on it alongside a busy career?

Having a great side hustle partner (Michelle) helps as there are two of us to keep each other motivated, share ideas etc. Plus the network itself, we’ve got fabulous members who motivate me to keep making Eventprofslive better and better.  

Has your side hustle opened the doors to any opportunities you wouldn’t have had without it?

Loads! From meeting peers within in the industry, social media skills which before were very much just my own Instagram stories, and developing my marketing and business skills.  

Has your side hustle helped you in your career?

Totally helps from being able to bring ideas/experiences back into the team, sharing knowledge with peers and strengthening relationships with key stakeholders.  I had good relationships before but now my circle is much stronger because of the network.  

What do you love most about having a side hustle?

Really love spending time with our members who are just amazing and seeing their reactions to our events and other elements of the network that we’ve worked hard on.  

Eventprofs Live are hosting a live panel on building your side hustle as an eventprof, 4th November at Mortimer House. Tickets available here

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