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The Side Hustle Series: Michelle Rees

Welcome to the new side hustle series, I will be interviewing fellow #eventprofs that have taken the plunge into multi-faceted careers and run their own projects and business outside their jobs. Side Hustles have grown in popularity as the internet and ability to be efficient and flexible in our work/personal lives allows us to work on projects we feel passionate about not just the 9 to 5. The most famous example is Google allowing its employees to spend up to 20% of their time on side projects not associated to their role to encourage them to improve their creativity and skills beyond what they would be able to otherwise. Remember Gmail, Google Maps, Twitter, Slack, and Groupon all started as side projects, who knows where your's could take you.

First up in the series is Michelle Rees, Head of Events at GLG her side hustles include Eventprofs Live, Eventprofs partners & Event Consultant.