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Why 2020 was positive for the events industry

Ok so 2020 will not be known as a year of power and success in the events industry, many businesses have had to shut their doors, many professionals are out of work & we haven’t had live events since last March. Short term it is bleak there is no way to sugar coat it, but long term it could be the force needed to propel the industry into being a more innovative, savvy & respected profession.

We have had to think on our feet and create events in formats we never had before

It’s sharpened all our skills

It’s made us more resilient

For companies to keep trading we've had to offer new services & we have.

We’ve levelled up.

Rather than purely events, the communication strategy as a whole is being executed to a higher standard.

We have had to push ourselves out of our comfort zones to create concepts that had not been done before.

We’ve taken inspiration from other aspects of marketing and made it events.

We have become even more creative

Even more collaborative... we’ve connected with more event profs than ever whilst working from home and everyone supports each other.

We have levelled up our personal branding, fine tuning digital marketing and comms skills in the process.

We have learnt how to become social media managers, expanded influencer culture into our world and created platforms for new fresh event students who are full of ideas and ways to promote themselves, enter the industry and be seen!

As we enter a hybrid world it will be important to attract staff that have digital marketing, social media & event skills...why? Because events are a way of communicating a message whether it be, you’ve worked hard let’s celebrate or this is our new product. To do this and bring everyone together as a feeling of community what better than to have staff that can create strategy to grow communities online and replicate this in the live/ hybrid event space.

2020 has not been a wasted year, we have not lay dormant, we have experimented, we have pivoted & we have lay the foundations needed to rebuild into something spectacular.

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